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CAST : Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandes

CREW: Produced by- Eros International and Bound Script Pictures

Directed by- Sujoy Ghosh

Music– Vishal Shekhar

Cinematography- Shirsha Ray

Visual Effects– EyeQube Studios (An Eros International Company)

Production Design– Sabu Cyril

ALADIN- Synopsis

“Anyone who can catch the comet that comes once in a million years can become an all-powerful genie. But there is a catch: the comet can only be caught with the help of a magic lamp.” -Old Khwaish Legend

If you went a little ahead of Delhi and turned right where the road forks by the banyan tree, you will see, below the mountains and by the lake, the town of Khwaish. When you enter Khwaish you would think you are entering a heritage city where every building is exactly how it was built, the roads are still cobbled as the British made them and the people are always as sunny as the day our story begins.

Aladin is a young man who shares nothing other than his name with the protagonist of the famous fairy-tale. Orphaned as a child, he now lives in a cosy house in Khwaish. He’s madly in love with most beautiful girl in the world– Jasmine, who has just joined his college– but is constantly thwarted by his nemesis Kasim. From his school days, Kasim and his gang have been bullying Aladin, making him rub sundry lamps to make the genie appear (like his namesake did). But Aladin, knowing he is no fairy-tale hero, cannot do that, and simply runs away. All the time.

Aladin has been running now, all his life, but on this one special birthday (since Jasmine is here), a strange thing happens. Jasmine gives Aladin a lamp…as usual Kasim bullies him into rubbing it…but unknown to him, and everyone else, a genie actually appears! That genie follows Aladin home, adamant, unwilling to leave without granting him 3 wishes. Despite Aladin’s protestations, the impish, trouble-making, wise-cracking, rock star genie (he calls himself ‘Genius’ in keeping with his youthful persona) follows Aladin around, even into his private thoughts, and grants him wishes one after the other. Without respite. And with lots of dancing (after which he has to eat, for the genie gets very hungry after dancing).

But there is another side... an ultra-cool and uber-evil magician Ringmaster is using a magic mirror to Google our Aladin. And he wants to kill Aladin, take back the lamp and get his powers back
(for even Ringmaster was once a genie)

As Aladin’s 3 wishes run out and the Ringmaster enters Khwaish looking for him, the stage is set for an exciting battle between the forces of good and evil.

Will Aladin survive the Ringmaster’s master-plan? What is the terrible secret that Genius has hidden from Aladin? And did Aladin find the lamp, or did the lamp find Aladin? Is there a purpose to Aladin’s name?

To know the final, magical and incredible dénouement of this great human story, watch ‘Aladin’... the hindi motion picture event of the decade...

For, as you journey with Aladin on this incredible adventure he finds himself in, maybe, just maybe, even you’ll find the magic inside…you...

-Sampurn Media

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Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon visit Babulnath temple for the success of film Heropanti
Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon visit Babulnath temple for the success of film Heropanti