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Himesh's 'Radio' a hit before release!
Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya's 'Karzzzz' had released on 17th October 2008. Exactly a year later Himesh Reshammiya can be seen promoting his next film as an actor, composer and singer- 'Radio'. There is a difference in excitement this time around though. In case of 'Karzzzz', he was riding high on the success of his debut flick 'Aap Kaa Surroor- The Moviee' (2007) which had turned out to be an unexpected success. It had seemed that Reshammiya had truly arrived as Bollywood's complete entertainer. Naturally, everyone associated with 'Karzzzz' was 200 percent sure that they had a winner in hands.

However, this was not the case to be as the film turned out to be a major box office disappointment. Released on a huge print count at thousands of shows a day, the film saw poor percentage occupancy. Word of mouth spread fast that the film had failed to attract audiences and even though in absolute terms, the film did bring in its crores, it was the theory of relativity that played spoilsport. The film was labelled flop even before the opening weekend came to a close. Result? The film didn't even reach its audiences which relied on word of mouth as well as trade perception.

Circa 2009 and Himesh Reshammiya and Co. have smartened up. This is the reason why the excitement is on a much different scale this time around as it's a month to go before the release of 'Radio'. It's not that the crores which are doing the talking this time around; it's the entire tagging of a 'hit' status much before the release of the film which is giving everyone associated with 'Radio' a feeling of comfort.

In 'Karzzzz', it was an anticipation of a huge box office run that kept the excitement going for its makers. In case of 'Radio', it's the recovery in investment on the table that has kept the makers happy and made them look forward to whatever additional revenue that comes in from the theatrical run.

The deal is as simple as this. The film has been made on a limited budget of 6 crores and this paltry amount had already been recovered from the satellite, home video and music rights. The man at the hot seat, Himesh Reshammiya, has played a smart game of extending his status as a Bollywood leading man. He has even drastically reduced his price as an actor, composer and singer and instead chosen a model where he would be getting a massive part of his remuneration from the profits that 'Radio' could end up making.

If one thought that Himesh would be shying away from admitting to his new game plan then that is not the case. Quite forthcoming about his newfound strategy, he lets the businessman in him come on the forefront as he shares details around the making of 'Radio' and how it could well pave the way for many more films to turn into successful ventures at the box office.

"It's true that the makers have already recovered the entire investment even before the first copy of 'Radio' is yet to be out. We haven't mounted 'Radio' on a huge scale. The demand of the subject is such that it could be made in a controlled budget and yet be given the kind of look and treatment that it deserved. The film has been wrapped up in 6 crores flat. Moreover, that money has already come from all non-theatrical rights like satellite, music and home video. Now whatever the makers get from theatrical revenue, whether from India or overseas would be plain bonus. This makes 'Radio' as a successful venture already. It is now to be seen whether it reaches a 'super hit' or beyond status once it releases this December", says Himesh Reshammiya who certainly has an air of confidence around him as he shares details around the economics of this film directed by Isshaan Trivedi.

Starring Shenaz Treasurywala and Sonal Sehgal as the leading ladies, 'Radio' is all set for a 3rd December release.

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