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I loved Shahid in Kaminey -Kareena

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor- This was one pairing which has just started showing signs of being an established 'jodi' on the big screen. Their 'Jab We Met' had become a good hit but much more than just box office outcome, what was loved most was the endearing presence of a couple that seemed to have got the nuances right for a romcom, a term which pretty much got coined in the context of Bollywood cinema post Imtiaz Ali packaged the whole love story genre in an entirely different manner. The same 'jodi' which was lynched for being supremely uneven in 'Fida' was now the darling of the masses, classes as well as the media. The forgettable past of 'Chup Chup Ke' was best left buried and it was time to herald a new pairing which could well have picked up from where Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol (in their younger days) had left.

Alas, that was never meant to be the case as the world is aware about the incidents that led to Shahid and Kareena 'jodi' going kaput once the release of 'Jab We Met' was round the corner. The film worked, even the 'jodi' did but the hopes of all those dozen odd film makers who were hoping to cash in on this new found success of the two Kapoors were in for a disappointment.

Amidst all these unfortunate turn of events, there was one film maker who was in the middle of all the action. He was Boney Kapoor, the man who could actually get into the Hall of Fame if he could ever finish and release his film inside a year. Call it sheer mishap but just like so many of his films in the past, he too had his 'Milenge Milenge' beginning much before 'Jab We Met' and is now seeing signs of revival two years later. The situation has pretty much changed for the film during half a decade that has gone in the making of the film.

Alas, in the absence of concrete announcement around the release of the film, there have been speculations galore around Shahid and Kareena giving their nod to the promotion of the film. Today, even for an average budget film with lesser stars, a round of radio stations, TV studios, print media, and website stations and even straight on to the roads is the bare minimum for any film to be noticed. It's a 24X7 job, literally. In such a scenario, getting the two superstars on a platform even alone, let aside together, was imagined to be a humungous task for the makers.

One may well have chosen to believe all these rumors to be true considering the fact that no love seemed to have most between the 'once in love jodi'. However, all speculations could well come to an end now since Kareena is well declaring that there was never any war per se to begin with.

"Really, I can't help if media chooses to report things based on their whims and fancies. When did I ever say that I won't be working with Shahid? In fact I loved Shahid in 'Kaminey'. He was superb there. Our personal equation can't define our professional relationship. Whatever has happened in the past and could take place in future, I will always be Shahid's well wisher", Kareena sets the record straight as she makes her stance clear about the boundaries around her personal and professional life.

Now this was the easy part, since one does expect a superstar of her stature to respect her professional commitments. However, things may well be a little different when it comes to the matters of heart. While she may well be game for talking about 'Milenge Milenge', would she be equally enthusiastic doing so on the same platform with Shahid Kapoor? Quite a tricky situation since the film is a love story and it may be counter productive for the movie if they are not seen together and talking in unison.

"These are things that are just written and talked about for effect. I have absolutely no problems sharing stage with Shahid for the film's promotion. When I am willing to do films with him, why would I hesitate from the promotional perspective? I also heard recently that I had said 'no' to shooting for a music video with him to promote 'Milenge Milenge'. Now someone has to tell me where did that come from? Was any quote of mine seen anywhere? Puhleeze, I am there for the makers whenever they call me", Kareena quashes another rumor.

The two have moved on in life and doing extremely good for themselves personally as well as professionally. They won't end up saying 'Milenge Milenge' for sure but it would be worth a treat, if they end up doing that at least in front of the camera for many more years to come. Amen!

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